De opkomst van het Oosten 11/07/2020 - De opkomst van het Oosten (The Rise of the East) is an unorthodox book on the geopolitical shift to the East, intended for anyone who wants to understand the relationships in our rapidly changing world today. In De opkomst van het Oosten, Haroon Sheikh maps the changed e-century geopolitical and economic relations on the Eurasian continent.… Read More
Radboud reflects lecture: New Silk Road (with sinologist Jue Wang) 24/06/2020 - Read More
A European Response to Globalisation and Digitalisation 16/07/2019 - Society has become financialized; the process of replacing relations, structures of trust and reciprocity, by anonymous and systemic transactions. The volume poses vital questions with regard to this societal development. How did this happen? And is change possible? If yes, how? Finance and the Common Good contains 21 essays on these themes. Haroon Sheikh has… Read More
EU-Oman: Small and effective 29/03/2019 - In a time of a changing world order, where smaller countries lack certainty, Oman should be a member of a League of Small Pioneers. The global multilateral order is under pressure. Institutions that have been in place since the Second World War to foster cooperation - the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the… Read More
Towards the globalisation of tradition 01/01/2018 - It is slowly becoming clear that the Atlantic Era was a historical exception, an anomaly during which one region provided the model for the entire world. We have arrived at a critical juncture in time: the Atlantic Era – a period that lasted five hundred years – is coming to an end. During this era,… Read More
Embedding Technopolis 14/08/2017 - The global village is under pressure. In order to protect local communities and their traditions, walls, real and symbolical, are erected across the globe. In Turkey, Russia and China cosmopolitanism seems to be giving way to rediscoveries of tradition like Ottomanism, Eurasianism and Confucianism. In Embedding Technopolis, Sheikh rethinks modernity and tradition and gives insight… Read More
Millennial Values: What the Young Want Around the World 06/07/2016 - Younger people consider themselves citizens of the global village. At least this is how we generally view millennials the world over: they are postmaterialist, favor collaboration over competition, and are democratic, cosmopolitan, and progressive. But the truth about the world’s younger generations is more complicated. An article by Martijn Lampert and Haroon Sheikh in Foreign… Read More