De opkomst van het Oosten (The Rise of the East) is an unorthodox book on the geopolitical shift to the East, intended for anyone who wants to understand the relationships in our rapidly changing world today.

In De opkomst van het Oosten, Haroon Sheikh maps the changed e-century geopolitical and economic relations on the Eurasian continent. He shows how Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Iran and China are increasingly orientating towards the East.

De opkomst van het Oosten  is the elaboration of an article series in Het Financieele Dagblad, in which Sheikh reported on an ‘imaginary train journey’ through the Eurasian region. He combines journalism with philosophical and historical considerations. A panorama gradually emerges in which the reader sees that all kinds of boundaries are shifting subtly.

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Society has become financialized; the process of replacing relations, structures of trust and reciprocity, by anonymous and systemic transactions. The volume poses vital questions with regard to this societal development. How did this happen? And is change possible? If yes, how? Finance and the Common Good contains 21 essays on these themes. Haroon Sheikh has contributed A European Response to Globalisation and Digitalisation.

The global village is under pressure. In order to protect local communities and their traditions, walls, real and symbolical, are erected across the globe. In Turkey, Russia and China cosmopolitanism seems to be giving way to rediscoveries of tradition like Ottomanism, Eurasianism and Confucianism.

Younger people consider themselves citizens of the global village. At least this is how we generally view millennials the world over: they are postmaterialist, favor collaboration over competition, and are democratic, cosmopolitan, and progressive. But the truth about the world’s younger generations is more complicated.